Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's the small things really. The small things that I have to see in every day life that make me smile. Here are a few from today:

1. Madison seeing all four of the baby kitties next door and just cooing at them and telling them it would be ok. Then telling the mama kitty to get in there and feed her babies. TOO CUTE!

2. Actually finishing my 2nd 5K...not my best time - but the small thing is...I'm grateful I CAN run!

3. Seeing my hubby, girls and my dad (and my bro who was also running the race) at the finish line when I got there!

4. Having my hubby say he's proud of me for running my second race. (That makes me feel on top of the world!)

5. Having my angel baby (Lauren) loving continuously on the Chick-fil-a cow so much so that we had to pry her off of him. She absolutely LOVED that cow. Even grabbed his face and gave him kisses on the nose! TO CUTE!!!

6. Having Lauren trying to console Madison when she was in timeout...that was just precious - only a heart of gold from that little girl...(until she's not getting her way! LOL)

7. Seeing Lauren running up to my mom with a big smile and arms outstretched saying Nananananana!!

8. Hearing Madison making up her own song on the way to Nona (I don't know how my mom wants me to spell that! LOL) and Po's....went a little something like this - We going to da nonna's..we going to da nonna's. Nonna's Nonna' - was precious!

9. Remembering that the small things can make me smile - and make me feel better about myself is a small thing I'm grateful for! Makes a bad day seem better.

10. The last small thing I'm grateful for is my Savior. Without Him and what He did so many years ago - we wouldn't have this weekend full or Easter Egg Hunts, Peeps, Church, good food with all of our family around, Chocolate, bunnies, ducks, lilies, etc... So thank you Jesus for dying for ME. Thank you God for sacrificing your son so I could have eternal life. Thanks for everything!

Just a few little things I wanted to share - I've also started taking a picture a day since April 18th. I have them posted on my FB....I'll share a few pics here tho.


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  1. Sometimes it's the simple things that are the most important!