Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As I sit here on this cold Tuesday morning, I sit in amazement at my two beautiful children. (It's been a pretty good day - Madison did poop on the floor again today, but a pretty good day...)

Madison was being awfully quiet so I went to check on her and I couldn't see her anywhere in her I kept looking and she was standing in her closet putting her blocks on the top of the bookshelf stacking them. She was so intent she didn't even know I was I quietly walked away and then for the next twenty minutes or so, she brought the blocks into the living room with me and sat there concentrating sooooooooooo hard to get those blocks to stack on top of each other, she looked so cute, and when they would fall she would say oops. :) It's so adorable to see her learning new things and such...

Lauren was sitting in her exersaucer and she's doing much better physically, she's working on her torso strength and balance...anyhow, there is a toy on there that plays music and Lauren has figured it out. She'll push it and make it play music...and just grin like the cheshire cat (except with no teeth!) She's one to melt anyones heart when she smiles. She truly is my special angel -

So here's to a great day....Cheers for great days!

Friday, January 16, 2009

For anyone out there who is interested....

I am taking orders for Valentines' Day for my special candy! I will upload pictures as soon as I get them made.

The Turtle Pretzel candies did so well for the Christmas Holidays I've decided to make them for Valentine's as well.

The candies can be made with or without nuts. I can put any kind of nut on them, but the most popular has of course been the pecan.

The price will be set at $5.00 for the ones with nuts and $3.00 for the ones without. These are so delicious! They are comprised of chocoalte, caramel, pretzel and your choice of nut. These are just the right balance of salty goodness with chocolaty sweetness! Put your order in today.

I will either deliver the goodies, or you are more than welcome to come and pick them up. I will have each dozen wrapped in a cellophane bag. If you'd prefer a different type of wrapping for that special someone, then we can talk! It's no problem!

Please comment, e-mail or give me a call - so I can get you put on the list!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My day so far....

It's only 11:20 and Madison has been up since 7:15.

I've had to get her fruit loops twice cause hse loves them so much....had to go fix the VCR because the dvd player was on and her "bears" tape wouldn't play. I then had to go and clean up a BUNCH of poop off the floor, off her clothes, off of her and pray that the stain would come out of the carpet. Then we had a good time - she helped me feed sister and played with her a bit then while I was burping Lauren and finishing up her bottle she came running into the living room from the kitchen and took off her pants, which I told her no and she continued to do - and then she grabbed a wipee and went back to the kitchen so I put Lauren on the ground quickly to go see what she had done, and to my surprise she had managed to take the pitcher of tea off of the counter (it was in the middle) and spill the told contents ALL over the kitchen while I'm running to get towels to clean that up, and make sure it doesn't go any further anywhere else.....she goes to her room sans pants and proceeds to take off her diaper and teetee in about four different spots on the floor....

I'm ready to pull my hair out and it's not even lunch time yet. :(

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I absolutely hate and detest being sick, so when it happens to usually happens big. I'm under the weather and hate it. Not to mention me being sick, but Lauren still has bronchitis and Madison is a typical two year old. There are no sick days when you are a mom tho. No calling in, and noone to take your shift. :( Ergh.

We are weaned from breastfeeding now. Lauren is doing really well taking formula and eating a jar of fruit a day. :)

I'm exhausted and tired, and just plain worn out. No one told me that motherhood was such a hard job - in fact, I do believe it is the hardest job in the world. Especially when it comes coupled with the job of wife.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my girls and my husband...just sometimes I need me time and I feel like I can't even escape for five minutes without having a "mommy" or "honey" being called out. Do any of you feel like this?? And how do you cope???? Leave me comments and let me know!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We have another buyer on the house!!!!!

Karli and the girls....

Another few crazy people at the wedding!!!

My beautiful Flower Girl!!


If I'd have known I'd be in that much pain - I would have already decided to do a gradual weaning for Lauren. I'm going to just feed her with a bottle during the 2nd-4th feedings. I can't go cold turkey-call me a weenie I guess.....

Oh well.

Monday, January 5, 2009


We accomplished a milestone today and it only took one missed feeding. Lauren drank formula! YEA!!!!

For those of you who don't know, Lauren is my youngest daughter and she is 7 1/2 months old and she was born with Down's Syndrome. She is doing remarkably well and has far exceeded the expectations of everyone and I know it's only because God has His hand on her. She's still behind developmentally, but getting stronger everyday.

We have been breastfeeding exclusively for six months - and it got to the point, where I was ready for it to be over. Madison only breastfed for ten weeks...and I know each kid is different, that's why I let Lauren go for as long as we have. Lauren is up to eating once a day and today she ate a whole jar of bananas with some cinnamon added to it. (Just the little stage 1 jars, but still! :) )

Madison is in the stages of potty training, and I'm praying she gets it soon! She has a habit of taking her diaper off and pooping or peeing all over the floor. YAY for me...I get to clean it up. She is still a very curious two year old and gets into EVERYTHING! She climbs on anything she can find and I'm constantly telling her "no ma'am".

Will is still working in IT at Alcoa and enjoyed a much needed vacation over the Christmas Holidays. We had a good time spending together as a family.

I am still a Pampered Chef Consultant and always looking for a party - so if you or anyone you know would be interested, let me know. I'm also in the process of learning that God doesn't dispise small beginnings and am praying about a venture in my life - so if you could just pray for continued guidance on that, it would be great!

Our family overall is doing well. Adjusting to life in an apartment again. With me not working, we are still in the process of trying to sell our house, and have had two people back out of the contracts they have put on the house. Be praying we sell it soon, we need it to desperately!

Thanks for the support everyone - I'll keep all of you updated as much as I can!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

New at this

I'm completely new at this - don't know much about blogging, other than what I do on Myspace and Facebook - so just bear with me on this ok?!

I wanted to get this set up and play with it the first time, so sorry my first blog isn't spectacular or anything. :)